User Details: Locate and Manage your Users

NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to locate and Manage PCs and Users within a networked environment. Not only does DNA store key user data (Name, Telephone etc.) but it also provides detailed storage of supporting Asset, Lease and Maintenance data. In addition DNA provides the customer with the ability to customise the data to be gathered and collated from each user.

DNA also provides the mechanism to create Dynamic groups, these are added to the main Company Tree view and can contain PCs from any number of departments. A typical group might be „all PCs with Windows XP and more than 256Mb of Ram”.

Other supporting Tools include Connection Statistics, Find User, Chat, Message and a powerful Data Query Tool. DNA also keeps a history of changes to the data entered in User Data. Changes to Custom User Details are recorded including the following fields: Employee Number, Location, Asset Tag and Owner.

Reporting: On Screen and Print optimised Reporting

One of the main principles of NetSupport DNA, is to offer the means for capturing comprehensive enterprise information, ensuring administrators are fully informed in order to make effective decisions.

However, the data gathered must be made available in an intuitive and user friendly format or else the efficiency benefits gained from implementing NetSupport DNA will be cancelled out by the time spent filtering this information and manipulating it into a useable format.

With this in mind, NetSupport DNA offers two „Styles” of Reporting.

1) On Screen reports which are provided with supporting Bar and Pie charts and drill down capabilities on all key summary data.

2) Print Optimised reports which are powered by a Crystal Report engine that provides the Administrator with additional pre-defined management reports.

All reports include the option to print or export to PDF, DOC and XLS.

Custom Reporting

The DNA Query Tool provides users with an easy interface for defining limitless custom reports. Pick and choose from the vast array of data fields held in the DNA database, apply totals and appropriate formatting.

Once created, these reports (Queries) can be assigned to specific components within the DNA console, such as the Hardware Inventory or User Details components and are then available to all operators in a single click from within the main console view.

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