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Welcome to the home of NetSupport Manager
– Multi-Platform Remote Control software

For over 31 years, NetSupport Manager has consistently led the way with innovative features to aid in remote PC management.

Designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single, high speed solution for the remote management of multi-platform computers, without the need for a third-party service or ongoing subscription costs – making it the perfect tool of choice for any IT team.

What are the Benefits of NetSupport Manager?


With its multi-platform support and flexible network options, IT teams have immediate access to their organisation’s critical systems, servers and IT users, helping them to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any geographical location. It also provides remote workers with safe and easy access to their work desktop.


Its unique range of supporting tools ensures maximum efficiency and, most importantly, the minimum level of system downtime and lost productivity as support issues are being addressed.


As a fully secure ‘on premise’ solution, IT teams can carry out seamless remote support via its unique Gateway – and with its PIN connect feature and four levels of encryption, it’s the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe.

NetSupport Manager is designed to work over a LAN, WAN or the internet, with support for both TCP/IP and HTTP communications (and even legacy IPX and NetBIOS support).

Multi-platform support
Remotely support any Windows, Mac, Linux (legacy) and/or Chrome OS desktop, as well as a range of mobile devices, from your Windows PC, Mac, Apple iOS/Android tablet or smartphone.

Manage devices simultaneously 
NetSupport Manager provides one-to-many support, not just 1:1, meaning you can scan and view multiple screens in sequence via unique real-time thumbnails.

Systems management
From detailed hardware/software inventory, and grouping devices into a clear hierarchy to remote command prompt and registry editor, gain a detailed overview of your IT infrastructure.

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