Application Metering

Knowing how frequently a specific application is being used, will allow for both effective control of software budgets and a realistic prediction of future software renewals and investments.

NetSupport DNA offers an Application Metering component which reports all applications used on each Windows PC, detailing the time the application was both started and finished and the actual time it was active and in use. Additionally, when the data is viewed at „department” level, summaries by frequency of use or by duration are shown.

Application usage can also be restricted by time of day, for all or selected users or departments . Application control can be used to ensure usage of a selected application does not exceed current license levels and can be used as a security measure to control where key applications can be run and at what times of day.

Application Metering enables the business to perform the following critical functions:

  • Monitor and report current license usage levels for all installed programs and applications.
  • Improve management effectiveness by controlling and restricting application usage throughout the enterprise.
  • To ensure that application usage complies with corporate policy.
  • Lists of Approved and Restricted applications together with times when restrictions apply, can be created and enforced by the Operator.
  • Analysis and reporting by Computer or by Logged On User.
Internet Metering

Similar to Application Metering, NetSupport DNA provides a detailed summary of Internet (or Intranet) activity on each Windows PC, allowing for effective monitoring of Internet activity across the enterprise.

Internet Usage can also be controlled, allowing for access to all websites, only websites that have been marked as approved or all websites except those identified as excluded. Access to websites can also be controlled by time of day, perhaps only allowing access to Social Networking or Sports News sites before 9 a.m, over lunchtime and again after 5pm


  • Start and Finish time of each URL visited.
  • Active time spent viewing each page on a website.
  • Quick URL link for easy review of all reported URL’s.
  • information reported by PC, Department, a Dynamic Group or the Company.
  • Analysis and Reporting available by either PC or Logged On User.

Internet Restrictions:

  • To ensure that Internet usage complies with corporate standards, lists of Approved and Restricted URL’s and/or sub URL’s together with „apply” time frames for when restrictions apply, can be created and enforced by the Operator.
  • Use the „Filter” option and enter a keyword used to identify a website or a generic theme of sites to be Approved or Restricted.
  • Internet usage restrictions by time of day across an enterprise..
  • Internet activity information can be ignored if active for less than a configurable time period (i.e 30 seconds).

Metering records are print optimised and available in multiple pre-defined formats.

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