NetSupport School’s range of class management tools ensure that in this ‘multimedia’ age student activity can be monitored both visually and audibly

The growing trend towards ‘audible’ learning, particularly in language teaching, opens up many more avenues of distraction for those students more interested in the latest download chart than honing their French skills!

NetSupport School’s real-time Audio Monitoring component arms teachers with the tools they need to ensure they know instantly what the student is listening to through their headphones or what’s being said into their microphone.

One click on the Audio icon and the teacher is presented with a view of the entire class. The individual student thumbnails make it easy to identify which machines have audio activity, visual indicators showing whether the microphone and/or headset are in use.

As well as listening to microphone output and background sounds, teacher’s can conduct a 2-way chat with individual students without disrupting the rest of the class and key learning points and topic detail can be recorded for later playback to the individual student or broadcast to the rest of the class.

  • See which Computers have live Audio activity.
  • Listen live to the Desktop Sounds or audio content on any Student PC.
  • Listen to the Microphone feed for each Student and instantly correct pronunciation where required.
  • Conduct a 2-way Audio conversation with any Student to provide feedback without class disruption.
  • Record & Playback facility.