NEW – NetSupport School Student for iOS

iOS-ssThe latest version extends NetSupport School’s ability to support your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives and the growing use of mobile technology in the modern classroom with the launch of its new Student app for Apple iOS devices.

The NetSupport School Student for iOS ensures students using these devices can still join with your NetSupport-managed lessons.

Key features when connecting to students using iOS devices:

  • Student Register: The teacher can request standard and/or custom information from each student at the start of each class and create a detailed register from the information provided.
  • Connecting to Students: The teacher can either browse for students (from their desktop application) or allow students to connect directly to the relevant class from their device.
  • Lesson Objectives: If provided by the teacher, once connected, students are presented with details of the current lesson, together with overall objectives and their expected learning outcomes.
  • Sending Messages: The teacher can broadcast messages to one, selected, or all devices. Students receive an audible and visual alert when a message is received and they can then be viewed and managed by the student.
  • Chat: Both the student and the teacher can initiate a Chat session and participate in group discussions.
  • Requesting Help: Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance. This sends an alert to the teacher’s desktop, enabling them to interact with the student concerned. In addition, a red toolbar appears at the top of the student’s screen, enabling the teacher to easily identify students in need of help as they move around the classroom.
  • Class Surveys: As part of student and classroom assessment, teachers can conduct on-the-fly surveys to gauge student knowledge and understanding. Students are able to respond in real time to the survey questions posed and the teacher can then show results to the whole class, enabling students to receive instant feedback on their progress.
  • Show Screen: While presenting, the teacher can show their desktop to connected devices, at which point students are able to use touch-screen gestures to pinch, pan and zoom in order to highlight key information when needed.
  • Battery Status: View the current battery strength for each connected student device.
  • Configuration Options: Teachers can choose to pre-configure each device with the required classroom connectivity settings, or 'push’ the settings out to each device from within the NetSupport School Tutor program.

Click here for more information and to download the app.

android-thumbsNetSupport School Student for Android v2

The latest version enables teachers to:

  • Remotely launch a selected website on one or multiple student tablets.
  • Remotely assign 'rewards’ to students to recognise good work or behaviour.
  • Blank student screens to gain attention.
  • View the current wireless battery strength status for each connected student.

Additionally, for supported devices*:

  • View thumbnails of all connected student tablets from the Tutor PC.
  • Zoom in to view a larger thumbnail of any selected student tablet.

* Supported devices are from those vendors who have provided the additional access privileges needed for screen monitoring on their tablets.

Optimised Network Performance (IP Multicast)

In some environments, network activity can be reduced by utilising multicast rather than broadcast technology, where data is only sent to devices explicitly requesting it. To ensure suitability on all environments, NetSupport School now offers support for both broadcast and multicast modes.

File Transfer

The latest version of NetSupport School features live folders. When initiating a file transfer to a remote PC, the path to any open folders (Explorer windows) on either the Tutor or Student’s desktop are displayed at the top of the file transfer view window to ease quick selection.


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