Norman Endpoint Protection 9.10

Operating System Client with
antivirus and
intrusion guard
Client with
antivirus only
Endpoint Manager
server support
  Windows XP 32-bit SP3
  Windows XP 64-bit  
  Windows Vista 32-bit SP1
  Windows Vista 64-bit
  Windows 7 32-bit
  Windows 7 64-bit
  Windows 8/8.1 32-bit
  Windows 8/8.1 64-bit
  Windows Server 2003 32-bit SP1 R2  
  Windows Server 2003 64-bit  
  Windows Server 2008 32-bit SP1  
  Windows Server 2008 64-bit SP1  
  Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit  
  Windows Server 2012 64-bit  
  Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit  
  SUSE Linux Ent. Server 10.2 32/64-bit    
  Open SUSE 11.3 32/64-bit    
  Ubuntu 8.04 32/64-bit    
  Debian 5.06 32/64-bit    
  Internet Browsers Client Endpoint Manager
  Mozilla Firefox 4 (or later)
  Internet Explorer* 7 (or later)
  Opera 11 (or later)
  Chrome 12 (or later)
  Hardware Client Endpoint Manager
  Processor (CPU) 1,5 GHz 1,5 GHz
  Memory (RAM) 512 MB 2,0 GB
  Disk space 1,5 GB

2 GB for 100 clients,

plus 10 MB for another 100 clients, etc.

* We do not recommend this browser due to some challenges when working with Java.

In general, the Endpoint Manager makes extensive use of memory caching for its data handling. In larger networks, the Endpoint Manager will perform better with more available RAM.

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