• Send Large Files Instantly
  • Aid compliance with HIPAA, GLB Act, PCI, Data Protection Act and others.
  • Avoid Confidential Data Loss
  • Enable customers & suppliers to send you (large) files securely
  • Faster Project Turnaround
  • Maintain Customer and Employee Privacy
  • Offload Users & Administrators
  • Replace Your FTP Server

 Secure File Transfer

Still sending files via courier, FTP or as unsecured email attachments? Policy Patrol MFT is a secure file transfer solution that allows your users to send and receive large and confidential files instantly and securely without forcing them to change the way they work.


Send and Receive Files Through File Transfer Portal

Users can send and receive files through the Policy Patrol MFT portal, as well as invite new contacts and expire files.

Allow Customers & Suppliers to Send You Files Securely

Do your customers or suppliers need to send you large or secure files? With Policy Patrol MFT you can offer a secure upload form on your website so that your customers & suppliers can get those files to you instantly and securely through an easy to use web form. Uploaded files are received via email as well as in the portal.

Set Email Attachment Policies on Exchange

Policy Patrol MFT includes an optional Exchange Server Plugin that offers email attachment management for Exchange Server. With the Exchange Plugin you can set central email attachment policies that automatically send email attachments that meet certain conditions via secure file transfer, removing the email attachment and replacing it with a secure download link. The advantage is that large email attachments no longer get blocked, files are sent encrypted and senders receive reliable delivery notifications. Since Policy Patrol MFT works at Exchange Server level, no client software is needed.

Replace Your FTP Server

Tired of using FTP to transfer files? FTP is insecure, cumbersome, difficult to manage and can leave serious security holes. Policy Patrol MFT is an ideal FTP replacement and provides the security, management, and authentication features that are missing in FTP.

Aid Compliancy

Policy Patrol MFT aids compliance with HIPAA, GLB Act, PCI, Sox, Data Protection Act and others. Whether it’s industry regulations or maintaining customer or employee privacy, every company has an obligation to keep sensitive information confidential.

Central Visibility

Policy Patrol MFT offers role based access to the system, enabling Compliance Officers to obtain central visibility of files that are being exchanged by the company and to obtain proof that transfers were handled securely and downloaded by the intended recipient.


Policy Patrol MFT requires no user training, and no client software other than a web browser. The Policy Patrol MFT portal and upload form are intuitive, there is no learning curve for senders or recipients.

Reduce IT Workload

IT Staff do not need to waste their time creating user accounts and removing files. With Policy Patrol MFT users can add their own contacts and expire their own files.

On-Premise and Hosted

Policy Patrol MFT is available as an on-premise solution, where the files are stored on the internal network. Policy Patrol will soon also be available as a hosted solution where the files are stored in the cloud.