• Minimize legal risks resulting from illegal or offensive email content.
  • Aid compliance with HIPAA, IRS Circular 230, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, SEC, NASD, and others.
  • Avoid damage to reputation by preventing inappropriate emails.
  • Avoid confidential data loss by content checking emails and attachments.
  • Increase productivity by blocking spam, viruses and non-business emails.
  • Raise brand awareness by adding email signatures with your corporate logo.
  • Optimize network use by monitoring email usage and compressing attachments.

Minimize Email Security Risks and Achieve Compliancy

Email is a pretty amazing tool. But if unchecked and unregulated, email can cause your company major headaches in many different ways. Policy Patrol Mail Security can content check emails and apply email policy rules to prevent many email security risks, including legal liability resulting from email content, confidential data leakage, unsafe work environments, privacy breaches, and damage to reputation. In addition, Policy Patrol Mail Security can help you manage your email more effectively and automate otherwise manual tasks.

Because prevention is better than the cure

Policy Patrol Mail Security can content-check and block emails before they are sent out and can do any damage. With Policy Patrol you can make sure this doesn’t happen to you:

“An employee has filed an unsafe work environment lawsuit due to her co-worker sending her inappropriate emails”

“Our new sales rep thought it was a good idea to send out our latest promotional offer by putting all 500 customer email addresses in the cc: field”

“Our new product design was emailed to our competitor by mistake”

“Our mail server went down and the last backup was from last week”

“We did not realize that most of the personal email usage was coming from just a handful of users”

“Our company’s image has been tarnished by this inappropriate and offensive email”

“Bob accidentally deleted the email before a backup was made”

Anti-Spam, Signatures and Email Filter all-in-one

In addition to email security features, Policy Patrol Mail Security includes anti-spam and email signature management:

Policy Patrol ships with a default configuration that will start blocking spam within seconds after installation and empowers users to manage their own spam. With the daily quarantine report, users will never miss a legitimate email again. Policy Patrol Mail Security includes all anti-spam features that are available in Policy Patrol Spam Filter.

Policy Patrol also allows you to centrally manage your users’ email signatures to ensure that your corporate emails consistently contain a professional email signature along with the necessary legal disclaimer and company footer. Policy Patrol Mail Security includes all email signature features that are available in Policy Patrol Disclaimers.

Advanced Email Filtering & Management

Policy Patrol allows you to manage your emails and automate otherwise manual email tasks such as compressing attachments, sending blind copies & auto-replies, adding X-headers, and changing the Reply to: or From: address. With the mail backup feature, Policy Patrol can keep a backup of all emails sent and received. (If you are looking for full email archiving, please take a look at our Policy Patrol Archiver product) The optional anti-virus add-on can stop any viruses from entering your email system. Policy Patrol Mail Security also includes email reports that allow you to gain insight into your company’s email usage.

System Requirements

Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2010, Exchange Server 2013 (or Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011), Lotus Domino or other mail server.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (if you do not have this installed the Policy Patrol installation will download this for you).

Tried and tested

Policy Patrol is at work in the smallest offices and in the largest corporations, filtering emails for millions of users worldwide. Why not try it? Download your 30-day evaluation version.