corporate customersCorporate communication increasingly relies on the ability to deliver notifications via e-mail or existing telephony facilities when communicating with staff within an office building. NetSupport Notify provides a low-cost, high-speed notification system allowing messages and alerts to be delivered instantly to all computer users while removing the potential delays experienced with emails entering an already busy in-Box.

For some organisations, NetSupport Notify also provides a welcome backup for existing technology failures, such as e-mail, and an effective tool for delivering staff alerts and guidance, such as „the mail server will be off at 5pm” or „we are experiencing difficulties with our file server”.

NetSupport Notify guarantees user attention by delivering an audible alert with each message received and taking foreground position on a user’s desktop. With its notification gateway component, a single message can be delivered to staff across many sites or locations in a single action, again with full delivery/receipt logging and reporting.


Consider a network-related crisis. It could be an e-mail server going offline or a virus spreading on your network. Remember how many warnings you might have to send over e-mail or by visiting users before you can begin to mitigate the situation. With NetSupport Notify it is simple. Just broadcast a message to all, check to see they have been acknowledged and then concentrate on the job in hand.

Ever wished you had a network PA (Public Address) system?

Site administrators and security personnel can use NetSupport Notify to send emergency alerts and notifications to users efficiently. Emergency evacuations, security concerns and fire drills are just some of the scenarios where a notification system can be an essential addition to your network tools. You can even pre-schedule alerts to occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at any given time.

As a corporate tool, NetSupport Notify can be customised to reflect your corporate identity, ensuring all alerts received are instantly recognised by staff. Alerts can be delivered carrying 5 different status levels ranging from System Alerts through to Emergency Notifications.

You can evaluate NetSupport Notify for 30 days for free by downloading a trial copy from this site.

„We are currently very happy with the NetSupport Notify product. It’s lightweight, easy to deploy and very easy to use so that makes it very easy to train people to use it. It does exactly what we need it to do. We use it in couple of different ways right now.” Read More
-Wayne County Government
„It is a great way to notify users of system issues and know that you got direct visibility on their screens. We previously used e-mail to send alerts, but we were not always sure users read them in a timely manner, not to mention the extra workload on the e-mail system”
-Rentenbach inc
„Using NetSupport Notify allows us to reliably and securely communicate with our staff without relying on email or Instant Messages. We also make use of the assignable severity levels (critical, alert, message) depending on the nature of the messages. „
-KINEX IT Consulting