Full and comprehensive security is built into all modules; everything from simple password protection through to integration with NT Security, Active Directory and 256 bit AES encryption. You can record and replay remote sessions for audit purposes – and even profile individual Control users and Client workstations to provide different security levels and capabilities.

NetSupport Manager supports Smartcard – any Smartcard login performed on the Control PC is re-directed and applied on the Client PC.

sec Key Security Features:
  • Password protection of all systems.
  • User acknowledgement (User must be present and authorise each inbound connection request).
  • Data Encryption – configurable options from 56 bit DES to 256 bit AES.
  • Security Keys (makes the licensed copy of NetSupport Manager unique to the organisation and non-compatible with other copies of the software).
  • Record and Replay remote control sessions to keep a history of all activity during a session.
  • Limit connectivity by user account or originating IP address (only allow connections from known locations).
  • Blank client screen when performing confidential actions.
  • Auto logout of a remote system on disconnect (avoids a system being mistakenly left in a logged in state).
  • User-defined Inactivity Timeout on open connections.
  • Dialback security for dialup connections.
  • Centrally deploy and manage security configurations from a single location.
  • Smartcard Support – any login performed on the Control PC is re-directed and applied on the Client PC.
  • Smartcard Authentication – User Validation for connections now supports authentication using a Smartcard PIN as well as the existing remote login support.
sec Integrated Security:
  • Integrate with existing NT User profiles to validate an inbound user before a connection request is accepted.
  • Integrate directly with Active Directory profiles for user validation.
  • Supplied with Active Directory templates to enable system wide compliance with pre-defined client configurations.
  • Profiled functionality – allow different functionality to be available depending on the authenticated user making a connection.
  • Full event and history logs including integration with OS event logs.

* The 'Control’ is the PC that views/takes over a PC.
* The 'Client’ is the PC that is being viewed or taken over.